Higher Education Technology Group Mobile Web


The HETGroup Mobile Web offers up-to-date information, optimized for different types of mobile devices. All you need is a mobile device with a web browser and either a WiFi connection or a data plan* from your carrier.

Get essential information and services anytime, anywhere on your mobile device. HETGroup Mobile Web is available for your iPhone, Android, iPod Touch, iPad, or BlackBerry devices.

The HETGroup Mobile Web includes services for the public as well as additional services for current students.

Features include:
  • Search for open classes
  • Access to the full college website
  • View Campus Maps and Details
  • Access to Student Life activities and Social Networks
  • Access to the college bookstore to search for text books
  • Emergency Information
  • Information about the mobile website
  • The ability for the user to customize the home screen
  • Student only access to:
    • View your Advising information
    • View your Class Schedule
    • View your Financial Summary and Detail
    • View your Grades
    • View your Registration and Admission Status
    • Add or Drop classes from your class schedule
    • View your financial aid application status
    • View your financial aid awards
    • ...and access to the full Student Website

Preview Mobile Web

Preview Mobile Web
Preview the site on your desktop or laptop.

* Terms and Conditions: The HETGroup Mobile Web is a free service. Extra data charges may apply when using any website on your mobile device depending on your service plan.

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