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The 2019.1 version of the Integrow ERP solution was the last official port released to the HETGroup clients (available on March 1, 2019). From that point forward, all software updates for Federal and State legislative changes, and requested and approved functional enhancements, have been released as individual Problem Logs.

For Financial Aid, an official port continues to be released each year which includes the WolffPack Annual Regulation Release and all HETGroup Financial Aid related software made available throughout the year. The latest port, which includes the 2023-2024 Financier Regulation Release from WolffPack, was available on December 15, 2022.

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About HETGroup


The Higher Education Technology Group (HETGroup) provides and supports the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software used by it's client institutions. This includes the Student Information System, Student Accounts, Financial Aid, Finance, and Human Resources and Payroll systems. Students, Faculty and Staff access the system from a web browser interface or through a mobile device.

HETGroup was originally formed in 1994 to develop, maintain and support a new higher education administrative computing application based on best-practices between peer institutions. Believing that business functions of a higher education institution can be shared, member institutions benefited from lower costs of development and support of the application as well as a wide network of expertise amongst the central office and member institutions.

The HETGroup is committed to provide technology leadership and cost-effective management of resources allocated by the HETGroup members for the greater good of all participating institutions. This is achieved with solid project plans, effective contract management, delivery of world-class ERP functionality, maintaining a leading position with higher-education technology, and a high degree of responsiveness to member institutional needs.